The reason he was diagnosed with eye cancer will leave you SPEECHLESS !




For those who don’t know there does exist such thing as eye cancer. Recently, a 40-year-old man has been told by the doctors that he has eye cancer specifically cancer with pinkeye.

There are a lot of studies which show that the light of mobile’s screen can be very dangerous to human’s eyes. There is electron beam in the phone light which shines directly into eyes. As such it can affect our vision causing dry eyes, blindness and in the worst case, eye cancer.

This man decided to visit the doctor when his eyes became red and couldn’t see clearly.

He was told that due to the excessive use of mobile in the dark his eyes degraded and thus eye cancer is caused. The man admitted that he always uses his phone in the dark before falling asleep.

The perfect solution would be to replace retina- an eye layer which contains cells that causes nerve impulses making the brain create for us the visual image we are directing our eyes at.

Unfortunately, the doctors said that the medicine has not yet developed to that extent. So, there is no solution for it.

Source: Susan Bowden Tips