Cancer Packed In A Can! This Is One Of The Most Unhealthy Products On The Market!




We’re sorry to inform you that one of the most popular chips in the world is actually something that you must avoid at any cost. It’s the well-known Pringles. It turns out this can of chips is packed with toxins and carcinogens, making it extremely hazardous.

Another interesting fact about Pringles and other such salty snacks is that they are produced from corn, potato flakes, and wheat, so they are nowhere close to real potatoes.

In the first phase of the production, Pringles manufacturers mix these ingredients in a form of dough, and then press them onto molds. Then, they add them in boiling oil until blown dry. Finally, the chips is sprayed with powdered flavors, and packed in cans.

The most dangerous ingredient that ends up in Pringles during its production is the byproduct called Acrylamid – a well-known carcinogen proven to cause cancer in animals.

In certain doses, Acrylamide is toxic to both, animal and human nervous system. The worst part is that Pringles contains much higher level of this substance than allowed.

This dangerous by-product is created during the preparation of foods at high temperatures.

It doesn’t matter if the food is baked or roasted, if prepared on high heat enough to color the food surface yellow-brown, it causes creation of Acrylamide.

Therefore, all foods prepared at a minimum of 100 ˚C include this toxic by-product.

As potato chips contain high levels of this dangerous substance, they pose a great threat to your health.

In 2005, potato chips manufacturers didn’t warn consumers about the health risks of their products and ingredients, and so they were sued by the state of California.

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