10 Good Reasons Why You Should Drink a Beer! Number 9 Is Very Important!



One of the most popular and used drinks everywhere in the world is a beer. We are pretty sure that there is no people who haven’t heard about beer and the majority of world’s population has taste it. It has greatest use in Europe and North America. However, no matter of their taste, brand or country of origin, beers are great source of vitamin B and protein, even more than wine and their major property is as antioxidant as a result of the great amount of flavonoids in it. Beer is not only a good drink for certain meals, or for having a party, but is a real contributor to our general health if consumed in normal quantities. Beside of everything mention, we can also say that beer has minerals in its content that improve the metabolic process of our organism.

In the next part of the text, you can read more about the reasons that justify drinking beer. Read them carefully, learn its benefits and include this beverage on your list.



  1. It is real keeper of kidneys. Some studies has discovered that beer keeps safe the kidneys and protect them of making kidney stones by incredible 40%.
  2. Beer is good for stronger bones. It contains some level of silicon that increases the bone density.
  3. One fact that is known worldwide is that beer reduces the bad cholesterol in blood.
  4. Beer is good for insomnia. By lactoflavin and nicotinic acid, which are its components, it influences in the work and energy of the organs, makes their activity slower and promotes sleep.
  5. Beer is rich in vitamins B 9 B1, B2, B6 and B12). Compared with, wine it has levels of more than 30% from these vitamins.
  6. Beer prevents blood clots from forming and provides normal blood circulation.
  7. Another well-known fact about beer is that it protects its consumers from heart attack more than those people who drink other kinds of alcohol or beverages. It reduces the risk of heart attack about 40 to 60%.
  8. Two glasses of beer are perfect solution for eliminating anxiety and relaxing the body and mind from all kinds of stress.
  9. Beer can boost our memory too. Some of its ingredients are good for improving the brain area where the memory sense is locating. Some investigations have proved that beer drinkers are better in memorizing and noticing things more that non-drinkers. It is also recommended for people who have symptoms for Alzheimer’s. It also reduces the risk of this disease.
  10. Beer is perfect solution for youthful and beautiful skin. It has vitamins that regenerate the skin and renew its cells. It also has positive effects on the pigmentation. So, here is one more thing why you should start to take a glass of beer per day.

Related to consuming beer, one more important thing we should know about it is how to consume it on a healthy way. The thing is not only to take a glass of bottle and drink it to the last drop, but it is more in the way how it is consumed in order to get all the benefits from it.


We must:

  1. To know that drinking beer has limits. One to three glasses per day are totally enough. Women can drink one or two, while men are allowed up to three.
  2. Not be young for drinking alcohol.
  3. Adults can take these quantities of beer: 14 glasses a week for women and 21 glasses weekly for men.
  4. Take care of the consumption. Spread the consumption over the week.
  5. Do not drink more than 5 glasses in a short time (for instance one night).

Here are some tips for receiving all the benefits of beer. But, that is not everything that you need to know. There are still some speculations which amount of beer and how much alcohol constitute a healthy consumption – that is why the average limit is between 1 and 3 glasses per day.

Try to stick yourself to these recommended quantities, because too much beer is too much alcohol that also means too many damages to the health. However, if you think that you consumed too much beer, or you are not sure how many bottles or glasses are the healthiest opinion, consume a lot of water between your glasses of beer.

Source: Kingideas