12 Ridiculously Smart Secret Hiding Spots Even You’ll Have A Hard Time Finding


Everyone needs a great hiding spot for their most private or valuable items. Some people hide money under their mattresses or spare keys under faux plastic rocks. You may think your “super secret impenetrable hiding spot” is brilliant but unfortunately, it’s more than likely that your spot isn’t nearly as clever as you think it is. Any skilled sneaky sneak knows that the first place to look for a key is under a strange rock, so you can just go ahead and forget about that one.

If you’ve got possessions around your house that you need to keep out of sight from prying eyes, the following 12 hiding spot ideas are a great place to start. We realize that by posting these ultra-secretive spots on the internet, we are potentially exposing them and reducing their effectiveness. That being said, these hiding spots are so ingenious that it would take a true detective extraordinaire to sniff them out. Even skilled thieves don’t have the time or cunning to sniff these ones out!