Many consider the turmeric as one of the healthiest and most beneficial spices on this planet of ours. The experts say that this spice provides us with more than 600 preventive and therapeutic health benefits, which is impressive. Turmeric has potent antibacterial and anti-septic characteristics, which means that this particular spice is very helpful when it comes to healing and cleaning wounds. But one of the most famous health benefits of turmeric is its strong anti-inflammatory properties. According to some medical experts this spice is more potent than ibuprofen. In this article you are able to learn how to grow your own unlimited supply of turmeric in your home. You don’t have to spend money on this amazing spice anymore, now you can use 100% natural homemade grown turmeric.



How to Grow Turmeric Indoors?

This healthy root is grown from rhizomes – root cuttings, since turmeric doesn’t propagate seeds. Buy one turmeric root at your local store or market place. The instructions are simple and easy, all you need to do is to follow them. First, break some big rhizome into a small rhizome piece, which includes 2-3 buds. Then, fill the pots with quality and rich organic soil with light moisture and well drained. Put the rhizomes 2 inches below the surface of the soil. Make sure the buds are facing up. Water the pots when you are finished.

This is all. Now you should learn how to water your turmeric. But, you should also know that your turmeric will have benefits from bi-monthly feedings of a quality organic fertilizer or compost tea.

How to water turmeric

This root adores water, so it requires moist soil- particularly in hot and dry environments. It should be watered once in every two days. You can also spray it with a spray bottle. If you are living in some cooler environment, you should water it less. So, you should be careful and maintain the soil moist and prevent it from getting soggy. This is crucial for watering your turmeric root. Now you know how to water it and it is time to learn how to harvest it.

How to harvest turmeric

The edible rhizomes require 8-10 months before they are mature and ready for harvest. You can also eat the leaves and the stems as well, but most of the people are using only the roots from this spice. There are many herbs that are commonly harvested throughout the growing season, but this root is harvested all at once – when it is mature enough. So, once the rhizomes are large enough, you can get the rhizomes from the pot. It would be the best if you harvest them all at once. Get them all out and save several pieces for planting next season.

Note: you must change the soil, since all of the nutrients are depleted from the soil.

Storage and Use

Store the turmeric roots in cold and dry area. Once you decide to use your turmeric roots, you need to follow the following simple directions – first, boil the roots for 45 minutes. Put them in some dry area and leave them to dry for one week. Then you should peel the turmeric roots (make sure you are wearing some rubber gloves because the root will dye your hands). Then you should grind the turmeric roots and make a fine spice. This spice can be added in many meals and dishes.

You can also prepare an amazing turmeric tea or turmeric latte. This spice is rich in healthy nutrients and it will give you numerous health benefits. Now when you learned how to prepare your own turmeric spice, it is time to start with the procedure! You will be able to use 100% natural and organic turmeric spice, which will be great addition for your diet or smoothies. Share this knowledge with your friends and family because everyone deserves to eat healthy.