No One Knew Why Her House Smelled So Refreshing, But Here’s Her Secret



House of one woman smells so refreshing but none knows her secret. Everyone is fascinated by fresh, calming smell of someone’s office, room, home. Usually people use air fresheners bought in grocery stores. But you can make it instead to buy. So your home is going to be the most comforting place for you.

You will get amazing smell without fabric softeners. Secret, main ingredients are regular beads for washing machine finding them in different fragrances also cheap, helping you to get natural homemade air freshener also affordable.


-Ten drops of essential oil (use your favorite),

-One tablespoon of baking soda,

-One clean spray bottle,

-500 ml distilled,


  • Mix essential oil and baking soda together using fork in a bowl,
  • Transfer mixture in bottle and pour distilled water,
  • Shake bottle before every use,
  • Spray it in office or home,
  • Refresh, spray furniture, clothes, curtains.

You will get amazing results.